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A memorable joke executed near-perfectly.

I enjoyed Luis's voice.

I'm a big fan of the brevity of this animation. No fluff, straight to the joke. You animated the reaction well and the concept is silly and amusing enough to merit a couple of watches.

I'm struggling to think of a criticism - it's possible that some folk might not notice the screenshot in the bg, so maybe you should have darkened the rest of the screen, leaving the diagonal slice around the relevant quote normal, to bring our attention to it. Tbh, I didn't notice it before clicking play - but I did have time to read the quote on the tub (but not the name).

Anyways, a great animation. Not a joke that had my sides splitting, but a memorable one executed near-perfectly.

I chuckled at the end.

I kinda liked the brevity. Short and sweet. The abrupt end added to the humour for me.

Script was decent - made me chuckle at the end - but there obviously wasn't time to develop any jokes further or get a comedy plot going. Maybe that would work as an experiment.

I thought using the original video was OK - animating stuff yourself would only make for better entertainment once your animation was rather slick - until then though, it may be goo for practice. You decide if that's something you want to pursue.

I don't care much for the format but your piece was entertaining despite that.

Better than a green banana

I liked it. Short, sweet and made me chuckle.

The combination of fast fbf transitions between expressions, eimple tweened movement and longish holds works really nicely.

I think Luis's voice being so hard to understand (thank god there were subtitles) made it a tad less immediate but that's just me being picky.

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I dislike this.

It's a well polished trading game that seems to have a fair few variables to play around with. But it's just lacking in urgency and sections seem trickier than necessary.

I couldn't actually work out how to attach a cart.

The battles quickly became simple once I had developed enough AP and were just a repetitive affair. Without any time limit or anything of that sort, I felt no real need to venture outside of the starting route between the 3 cities the sherif suggested. I basically felt no in-game push towards changing up my play.

I liked the graphics for the town maps.

Very pretty. Reasonably well designed levels.

This was a beautiful game.

I loved the textures, shapes and colours you used. And the concept is arresting - who can resist the allure of the naked cyclist?

Ultimately, it was just a joy to see each new environment.

Level 7's penultimate stage seemed like a big leap in logic - far more so than any other point. I had to stop playing, look at a walkthrough... then (just before the video whosed what needed to be done), I realised it myself. But others have said that level 7 completely stumped them so I think that the concept of using a growing platform to rise should have been introduced earlier, in a simpler form. The gaseous 'lifts' were well introduced, by comparison.

If each level was a puzzle, this would have been fine. As is, the incongruity sticks out in a game that can otherwise be relatively easily completed with perseverance.

I enjoyed playing through the game but I was a bit disappointed with the ending. I was hoping for some sort of conclusion to the story rather than just a scorecard.

I don't anticipate trying to collect all bubbles without dying - that would just be a test of perseverance and learning by rote. However, I applaud the fact that the challenge exists.

A great game, but the level-design (whilst fun) isn't /quite/ to the standard of the graphics.

A mixed bag of inventive animations.

Really impressive for 5hrs work.

I think it might have been better with buttons - it's tricky to click the mouth (I had to zoom in to do so) and buttons would ensure we could see all the animations.

My favourites were definitely the falling (though that could have been a tad faster) and the shoes (really nice and smooth 'smoke').

When he bounces the head, the arm goes over it when replacing it. I think you should have taken the effort of making a 2nd arm on a layer underneath the head, to use for those few frames.

Amusing. Really impressive for 5hrs and I look forward to seeing the stuff you spent longer on.

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Ideal for the porn flick I'm not making.

This totally sounds like the backing track of a stereotypically groovy 70s porn flick.

I'm digging this!

For such a short track, there's a fair bit of depth there. Drums, lead and bass all working well.

Maybe drums a touch loud and I'm not too keen on the sorta snipped off cymbal noise's prominence.


Varied modern mix, sticks to roots. Should be loop

I loved the variation here - there was little needless repitition and there were a couple of places where the tune actually surprised me.

The samples betray the video-game roots, though the beats sound modern. Maybe they clash slightly? Still, I'd rather they were there.

The entire tune flows well and got me dancing - for longer than the other one.

After the 1:13 mark, it seemed like a retread. Maybe you could cut out something like 0-13s and 1:13-1:35 and have it loop?

A tune this short seems ideal fodder for a computer game so that would probably result in it being used. Maybe in my forthcoming Megaman TAS-inspired parody-game. ;-)

So yeah, a loop would be lovely and definitely warrant +1 on the score.

KyuubiT responds:

lol thank you the technical your talking nearly flys over my head makes it spin haha but thanks for the love!


Could be great for a megaman game - loops fine.

This is a fun remix, but a bit repetitive for my liking.

The melody has that cheesy 80s feel and each phrase is repeated at least twice, often 4x. Suits the source material well, with its own cheesy style but it's just not my preferred style of music.

The 2nd half seemed to be just a copy of the 1st half, with added beats.

I did like those beats though they sound modern, yet stick to their roots. They got me out of my chair and dancing a tiny bit.

The repitition was just too big a turn-off for me.

KyuubiT responds:

:/ i can see that in your score never got a 4 before. but i suppose your entitled to your opinion and i respect it. im an amature still and im hoping that i will get better one day.
thanks for the review!


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The nature of the trails make it look really dynamic - like an explosion or something - but the assymetry makes it an interesting pic.

I can see a dragon's head in the lower left silver bit and some phoenixs on the left of the central gold.

EchoRun responds:

Thank you. :)

I like some asymmetry in fractals, most of the time anyway, as you say it makes them interesting.


I love this! I actually assumed you were a pro when I saw the pic.

The blue line coming from the left to in front of her dress is a bit odd - what was it? It seems like there could have been some interesting stuff that was 'cropped' off the bottom - the picture would probably be better without the rock on the right and whatever the blue line on the left is.

Lovely clouds, colours and expressions.

The expressions are what turns it into a great pic.

Lovely character design and colours.

I don't know what movie you're referring to... did you do this character design?

It's a brilliant take on Medusa - the reptilian features permeating into the arm/leg appendages and the scaly dress.

I really like the shading you've got here - not quite cell-shading but not quite realistic either. Very stylish.

And the black and white figure in the bg? Brilliant.

The office paper props seem a little at odds with the character but I guess the joke is that they're monsters in an office? And she's the incompotent new temp who's failed in a simple task?

Anyway, I enjoy looking at this.

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