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!!Funky !!Funky

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Ideal for the porn flick I'm not making.

This totally sounds like the backing track of a stereotypically groovy 70s porn flick.

I'm digging this!

For such a short track, there's a fair bit of depth there. Drums, lead and bass all working well.

Maybe drums a touch loud and I'm not too keen on the sorta snipped off cymbal noise's prominence.


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{KT}MegaMan Enter Bubbleman {KT}MegaMan Enter Bubbleman

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Varied modern mix, sticks to roots. Should be loop

I loved the variation here - there was little needless repitition and there were a couple of places where the tune actually surprised me.

The samples betray the video-game roots, though the beats sound modern. Maybe they clash slightly? Still, I'd rather they were there.

The entire tune flows well and got me dancing - for longer than the other one.

After the 1:13 mark, it seemed like a retread. Maybe you could cut out something like 0-13s and 1:13-1:35 and have it loop?

A tune this short seems ideal fodder for a computer game so that would probably result in it being used. Maybe in my forthcoming Megaman TAS-inspired parody-game. ;-)

So yeah, a loop would be lovely and definitely warrant +1 on the score.

KyuubiT responds:

lol thank you the technical your talking nearly flys over my head makes it spin haha but thanks for the love!


{KT}MegaMan Enter Flashman {KT}MegaMan Enter Flashman

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Could be great for a megaman game - loops fine.

This is a fun remix, but a bit repetitive for my liking.

The melody has that cheesy 80s feel and each phrase is repeated at least twice, often 4x. Suits the source material well, with its own cheesy style but it's just not my preferred style of music.

The 2nd half seemed to be just a copy of the 1st half, with added beats.

I did like those beats though they sound modern, yet stick to their roots. They got me out of my chair and dancing a tiny bit.

The repitition was just too big a turn-off for me.

KyuubiT responds:

:/ i can see that in your score never got a 4 before. but i suppose your entitled to your opinion and i respect it. im an amature still and im hoping that i will get better one day.
thanks for the review!


.:-{Best Friends}-:. .:-{Best Friends}-:.

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

80s housewife drama theme feel. Very nicely done.

This has the vibe of a classic 80s housewife drama. You know, something like 'Bangkok Hilton' (which is actually rather good).

The opening melody was quite simple. The flute a beautiful touch.

At 1:51, just before the key change, I thought the song was over when I first listened. I guess the part after could be the closing ending, eh? And this is the 'full version' mashing both together, than gets put on a CD... heh.

The switch back into a major chord was quite pleasant and I liked the song wound up. It has a wistful feeling. Like maybe the best friend has now died, or times have moved on past a 'golden age'.

The melody did get a bit repetitive - a great thing for a theme, which needs a memorable theme, but not so great for a piece this long on repeated listens.

That's my main - and pretty much only - complaint.

I enjoyed it overall. If a TV show had a shortened version of this as the starting theme, I'd definitely want to continue watching.

In your comments, "I found himself to be the victor" should be, "I found MYself to be the victor", surely. I enjoyed reading that and the part after was sweet.

Tamadrum responds:

Lol. thanks for pointing out my mistake... :-) Thanks for the review.

Arecibo Theme Song (Ver. 2) Arecibo Theme Song (Ver. 2)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A real driven energy. Simple but powerful orchestr

When I first heard it, it was a letdown compared to the original - I was just hoping for more fun techno goodness and was disappointed. Coming to it again now, though, I can enjoy it for what it is. A thoroughly driving piece.

This definitely has more of a dramatic feel than v1 - specially with the samples you used for the beats. I'm not sure I like the clicky clap that you use at the end of every 2nd bar though.

I love the introduction, with a couple of bars of the beats solo. The end sounded abrupt for a long time though (basically until I knew to expect it, by which time most of its effectiveness was already gone) - maybe having a cymbal or another extra-loud/resonating when the tune 'dies' would help make it feel less abrupt. yeah, it's slightly cliche, but it works. Love the extra beats after the 'death' though.

Maybe you could have fitted in an extra counter-melody at points, in the bg?

The strings do seem to lead towards an increasing tempo and they're probably my favourite element. I like how the whole thing is relatively simple but has this driving force behind it. I couldn't see myself deleting this file.

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BreakingFaces responds:

A very thorough review, thank you Bezman!

Arecibo Theme Song (Ver. 1) Arecibo Theme Song (Ver. 1)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Narrow function, but perfect for it.

To me, this totally sounds like the intro for an 80s American show - maybe a cop show, involving high-speed car chases, girl-chasing and chasers with cheesy lines.

It did get a bit repetitive on repeated listens, but as it's just an intro, that's almost a moot point.

It sets tone perfectly, gets the blood pumping and really makes me want to watch whatever follows. I can just imagine the high-speed text/pics sliding in alongside clips for the intro, before the movie fades in on the 29s mark.

I have no criticisms, considering the intent.

Was that 3D teaser on your site done by you? And will this movie be on NG?

BreakingFaces responds:

Yes the teaser was made by me, and that show will be on NG.
Actually it was 2D done in flash, however I'm flattered you thought it was 3D

MenuĀ² MenuĀ²

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Initially sounded broken. Then good.

This all just sounded odd to me - originally like I'd maybe started up two songs. (I even paused to check.)

After a couple of repeats, I 'got' how it was syncopated, and could even get into the rhythm. I think you need to lower the volume of the drums though, since they overpower the melody and it sounds strange to hear the slow melody in the bg with the weird syncopated drums in foreground.

The notes at the 15-17s mark sounded odd for longer.

I liked slightly faster melody. It sounds like you have 2 going on.

I guess I enjoyed 'getting into' this in the end - kinda brain-expanding.

I wouldn't ever use this in a menu though - it's just not mass-market-friendly enough essentially and I could imagine some folk never understanding it.

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loogiesquared responds:

Meh. okay, then.

FF8 - Man With The Machine Gun FF8 - Man With The Machine Gun

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

beat-heavy battle-music. Works, but not for dancin

The whole thing works pretty well, with the background melody and the slower foreground melody matching up nicely. The beats were really 'full' and the whole thing was fun.

I've not played FF8, but I'm guessing the beats and the repeating melody are the main things you added.

The start/end are kinda abrupt. I mean there's no lead-in to the beats with an opening melody-only bit or any softer beats. You just switch from that wind noise to the beats, making for an abrupt change.

At 0:57, I liked the drop-off in 'aggression'. here we can really hear the repeating melody and the tune you play here - as well as 2:25 really betrays its computer-game roots.

The noise at 1:25 was pretty cool and loved the reemergence of the harder beat shortly after.

The repeating melody did get a bit repetitive after a while though.

And whilst this might be a great melody for battle-music, I felt like it jus wasn't getting me up to dance - something I do when a tune really hits my sweet spot. Maybe having such a slow melody on top contributed to that.

And if you wanted it to be battle music, maybe the ideal thing would have been to have it loop?

I enjoyed it but can't imagine a perfect setting to listen to this.

genee responds:

Hi bezman, quite like to respondo, i kinda been super busy with life and ive lost my password, forgetting completely to get back on newgrounds, now thanks to my friend i went back, the song its mostly a cover, reworked with new beats percs and synths to make it sound more trance, since i love the song i started playing with it came that out and well posted >.< thanks :)

Tragedy at Dawn Tragedy at Dawn

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Eerie vibe

Overall, this definitely got the 'eerie' sound right, thanks to the bg noises and key choice. A few things niggled at me though - in the wrong way.

The 2nd phrase - starting at 0:13 - seems to be played slower than the 1st and generally there seemed a slight lack of rhythmical unity here.

Maybe that adds to the eerie atmosphere though.

The notes starting at 1:27 seem like they're in a major key and kinda uplifting. Though you throw in a minor chord here and there, the song definitely ends on a more positive note than it began.

Throughout the song, though I could hear lots going on in the background, it seemed kinda cluttered and I could only really make out the main melody, which was kinda simplistic for the first minute or so. Maybe throw in countermelodies, confuse us as to which one - if any - are the lead and disorientate us. Maybe check out Tim Follin's work for Equinox (SNES) - it's very different, but has a couple of similar aspects.

I liked the background clutter and the pacing itself.

jxl180 responds:

You are very contradictive. You make it seem like a bad thing: "Throughout the song, though I could hear lots going on in the background, it seemed kinda cluttered and I could only really make out the main melody" and then you say "I liked the background clutter and the pacing itself."

but thank you,

Drums of Doom! (DjD) Drums of Doom! (DjD)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Almost-tribal-sounding rhythm-only tune. Fresh.

I've not heard another tune that's 100% percussion on the AP. Very few elsewhere. So this is like a breath of fresh air.

The starting beats have a tribal quality and I love the rhythm that kicks in at 5s.

Starting beats could have maybe been a bit deeper though and had a bit more resonance. They sound slightly curtailed.

The 57-80ish section is another favourite bit of mine.

I definitely prefer the song when you stay away from the metallic bits of the drum kit, like the snare sound, cymbal etc. I found that that takes away from the sorta tribal vibe.

Also, the simple rock beat at 2:49 doesn't really work too well - not as interesting as everything else you've got going.

I'd love for this to become a series - I enjoyed this one and will definitely keep it. Maybe experiment with different percussive sounds and employing the rhythm in place of melody more - with a basic rhythm, then some riffs on that rhythm, the way a good song will riff on the melody.

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Mad-Muppet responds:

Hey now that's one helluva review!
I can see what you mean at 2:49... Didn't really think about it. Thanks!
A series... now that could be kinda fun! Thank you for a great review!